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Who worked as the lead designer for Starcraft

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Who worked as the lead designer for Starcraft

Every Blizzcon 2021

Helping to spark that change is no one else than former Blizzard Chief Executive Officer Mike Morhaime, who retired from Blizzard in the year 2019. after more than two decades. In 2020. he founded Dreamhaven an online video game business with the intention of empowering "agile studios to focus on their niche and make their ideas come to life," while "providing support and resources for the longer time." Three development studios currently operate in operation under the Dreamhaven banner: Moonshot Games, Secret Door, as well as Lightforge Games. They have all attracted an abundance of former Blizzard talent.

Chris Metzen, who worked as the lead designer for Starcraft and who served as creative director on some of Blizzard's biggest games, including World of Warcraft , was one of Blizzard's first high-profile-departures when he left the company in 2016. In 2018. Metzen co-founded Warchief Gaming, a tabletop RPG company which has enjoyed immense successes on Kickstarter. His setting for his fantasy campaign, Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent reached its Kickstarter fundraising goal in 11 minutes and is currently at over $1.2 million.

Ben Brode, the former director of games for World of Warcraft who left Blizzard in 2018 after 15 years with the studio, went on to form Second Dinner, an indie studio composed of mostly ex-Blizzard designers who are currently working on the development of a Marvel game.

Tim Morton and Tim Campbell, two developers with extensive expertise in games such as Starcraft and World of Warcraft, formed Frost Giant in 2020 with the intention of developing the next great RTS which will have a lot of the company's talent roughly 80% according IGN as of the time of writing, coming from Blizzard. Kevin Dong, former lead co-op designer on Starcraft 2. told IGN that the most important reason behind a high percentage of the former Blizzard employees is the need for developers who have RTS previous experience.
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