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Rollerdrome is a game about performance

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Rollerdrome is a game about performance

Rollerdrome is a game about performance. There is combat, but it's not about winning, as such. It's about style. The attitude you bring to it. Putting on a show. Efficiency is a by-product of mastering its violent dance—really, you're here to look good.

The focus in Rollerdrome is on the competition, which sees your lone skater enter an arena where they have to clear out several waves of "house players" who have a smattering of weapons of their own. Your goal is to clear out all the house players as quickly as you can, but the enemies all have different guns and quirks for how you have to deal with them. You start the game with a pair of pistols and slowly unlock more guns through the course of Rollerdrome's short campaign, up to a total of four. All the guns are fairly effective in every situation, but each one has situational advantages. The low-damage pistols are good for staggering an enemy or finishing someone off; the slow shotgun can fire well-timed "slug" rounds that do one big hit of damage; the grenade launcher can hit multiple enemies, but is tough to keep stocked with ammo; and the rail gun can hit enemies from great distances, but only if your aim is precise.

These loop together with a beautifully simple ammo and health system, borrowed from the likes of 2016's Doom and plenty before it. Killing enemies gets them to drop candy green shards of health, while performing tricks reloads your very limited, single-clip ammo. You can see the flow state already, but Rollerdrome layers this with some simple, but deftly handled enemies: simple melee grunts with batons, shielded riot police you'll need to stagger, mechs to target strategically, various grenades and mines to dodge - and an active dodge, too, that quickly becomes essential. Snipers of more than one kind will lock onto you with a beam of crimson red before it briefly flashes white, giving you a window to not only shake their focus with a dodge but get a little damage boost if you immediately snap into a slow-motion zoom.

As you progress, complexity increases rapidly. Enemy types pile up, each asking for new tactics from the player (check out challenges for hints) as do player abilities. Skating gets complemented by wall running, and your starting pistols are soon kept company by a shotgun, grenade launcher, and rail gun. Each of these offers a new dimension or play style, letting you tackle enemies with specific combinations until you have a routine that will make even your first runs pretty successful. I loved coming into crazy new spaces with heaps of confidence. In fact, the difficulty curve of the game feels perfectly pitched all the way through. Things definitely get tougher towards the end but I never felt out of my depth. New enemies never felt like setbacks, just exciting new puzzles to solve.

Where Rollerdrome really excels is in mixing all these combat ideas with the skating action that Roll7 is known for. The underlying premise is that each arena is something like a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater level, and whenever you're not shooting enemies, you're trying to do sick tricks.

No skill trees, no unlockable abilities or experience points to grind. No obstacles between you and the exhilaration on offer. It's a game that knows exactly what it wants to be and lets nothing get in its way. Kara Hassan certainly isn't gonna stop until she's conquered this sport. After over dozens of hours in the Rollerdrome, I'm starting to think I won't either.

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