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Über mich...

Well, where to Start ?

I'm a Awkward Person and i won't start to Text Anyone here so, its up to you but, its not worth the effort i guess, i get really fast Distracted about anything and that may could affect the Conversation @ all ~

And also i'm always bored to talk about the same stuff over and over again.. so if u want try to take some interesting topics i guess ? ^^

Also so that u are aware of, i'm into taking special Substances so don't get me wrong with that, but i rly hate to "Hide" that kind of Topic and yea i stand by it.

So it's up to you if u make the Decision to text me ~
Cause as i said, i'm Awkward '-'

Well guess thats all i have to say qwq ~


Was ich mag: Ehrlichkeit ~ Offenheit
Was ich nicht mag: Arrogante, Hochnäsige - Gestalten etc.
Besondere Fähigkeiten: Seh ich etwa so aus o.o?


Musik: Vieles '-' Bin nicht wirklich "Band"-Fokussiert

-Lil Peep
-Stray Kids
-Eskimo Callboy
-Stray Kids
- & Etlich Weitere e.e

- Genres -
- Psytrance
- Techno
- Hardtekk
- Nightcore
- Metal
- Kpop
- Goa
- and a lot more i guess
Filme: No Game No Life - Zero
Hachiko - Eine Wunderbare Freundschaft
Bücher: Bevorzuge Mangas '-'